Read and Noteā„¢ harnesses the power of a broad set of new technologies to bring new dimensions to digital reading, including access to digital libraries, multimedia annotation, online availability, access control, social networking compatibility, availability across operating systems and devices, ability to purchase from any retailer, and online collaboration, via an intuitive user interface and an open platform.
  • Built on an open technology platform for easy extension and rapid deployment. With its intuitive interface.
  • Easily adopted by a wide variety of audiences who are seeking alternative reading methods.
  • Access controls allow administrators to regulate access to assets in the digital library.
  • The multimedia annotation capability enhances the reading experience, enabling deeper comprehension and real-time collaboration.
  • Provides insight into the consumer and community value of digital content.
Applications for the Read and Note system are far-reaching and span across, as well as within multiple industries. The value of Read and Note is immediately recognized by both administrators and users of the system, whether the user is an individual, an institution, or the web community at large