Read and Noteā„¢ harnesses the power of a broad set of new technologies to bring new dimensions to collaboration, streaming video, access to digital libraries, multimedia annotation, availability across operating systems and devices, via an intuitive user interface and an advanced platform.
      Whether you are a project team or researchers looking for a way to combine and cohesively present source data, an educational community looking to manage academic material, or a healthcare network looking to store private and confidential medical information, our team at Read and Note will provide you with the technology you need to enhance your remote and virtual presence.
  • No other product offers the extensive and advanced technological capabilites that Read and Note provides. Read and Note is a culmination of decades of technology research and development by the principals of the firm.
  • The founders of Read and Note have had a wide range of skill and experience to solve significant problems of technology and design. Close collaborative work and attention to the voice of the user distinguishes their methods. Read and Note is proud to offer the services of their team to clients that want breakthroughs in exceptional processes and a high value return on their investment.
  • Read and Note has a reputation for building highly secure and sophisticated technology that meets the rate of technology change.
      Applications for the Read and Note system are far-reaching and span across, as well as within multiple industries. The value of Read and Note is immediately recognized by both administrators and users of the system, whether the user is an individual, an institution, or a web community at large.