What is Read and Note?

Read and Note is an AI, Machine Learning powered Research collaboration and streaming platform that is browser based, operates in the cloud, and works on any browser on any device. With Read and Note the user can access digital assets from a large repository for their use in their personal library. Advanced users can establish secure groups to access selected materials and share their comments among the group. Read and Note is a modular system that allows the overall system manager to turn modules on and off, manage user access, and interface with current systems.

The expansive knowledge of our team has led to the development of private streaming platforms that provide an advanced web-based solution for your business events, remote learning and conferences. Our advanced technology will provide the ultimate collaborative environment to facilitate team research, continuing education, and meaningful discussion.

    What we build is AI, and Machine Learning powered.

    • REMOTE LEARNING GATEWAY Our state-of-the-art module provides the ultimate accessibility for any educational conference throughout the world. The entire event can be live streamed, with content being available to both in-person and remote attendees on demand. All aspects including invitations, forms, and access to credits are available in one secure location.
    • VIRTUAL CONFERENCE EVENTS Read and Note provides an easy-to-use web-based presentation event system, allowing you to conveniently manage all aspects of multiday conference agendas. You can separate subject conferencing per your specific agenda needs with our unique collaboration tools and incorporate the live broadcasting capability from anywhere in the world.
    • COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH PORTAL Enhance team collaboration by privately sharing documents, web pages, emails, videos, and more. Our platform also offers ease of access to authoritative meta-based content.
    • OPTIMIZED Read and Note differentiates itself from other platforms by delivering a cohesive and streamlined interface that facilitates interaction and collaboration. Read and Note is fully HIPAA compliant.
    • SECURE TELE CONFERENCING We provide the ultimate in effortless video conferencing solutions, whether for a one-on-one meeting or a large collaborative group effort. Our platform is always private, secure, and HIPAA compliant, and even confidential files can be discussed and shared freely.

        What are our target industries?

      • Education including in classroom or remote, online instructor led, self-paced, asynchronous classrooms and library resource management.
      • Professional services for secure work teams to collaborate around internal work product and client deliverables.
      • Healthcare for medical records management, physician collaboration and diagnosis, and research.