What is Read and Note?

Read and Note is a powerful e-reading and collaboration platform that is browser based, operates in the cloud, and works on any browser on any device. With Read and Note the user can access digital assets from a large repository for their use in their personal library. A basic user can extract, annotate, and organize their materials for easy referencing and sharing. Some advanced users can establish secure groups to access selected materials and share their comments and annotations among the group. Read and Note is a modular system that allows the overall system manager to turn modules on and off, manage user access, and interface with current systems.

How can you use Read and Note?

  • As an interactive and thoughtful e-reader of digital materials and to manage your notes
  • For research to organize and comment on extracted information and quoted text
  • To help interact in collaborative learning
  • In collaborative activities among a secure group of participants
  • As a marketing mechanism to “push” digital information to customers who have expressed interest in select areas

What are our target industries?

  • Publishing particularly with textbook management and extraction and notation of relevant materials
  • Healthcare for medical records management, physician collaboration and diagnosis, and research
  • Arts/media to facilitate image management and support museum websites as they interact with the public
  • Professional services for secure work teams to collaborate around internal work product and client deliverables and to deliver digital assets to the general public
  • Education including in classroom, online instructor led, self-paced, and library resource management.

How do we work with our clients?

  • Some clients own Read and Note. We provide licenses for Read and Note and allow them to use the application as they see fit, hosting it on their own servers. In effect, they own the application for their own internal use and use their in-house IT group to integrate, develop, and maintain the system.
  • Partnership. As our clients host the application, we team with them in providing consulting and technical support to guide them to use Read and Notes modules in the most effective way given their needs, and also develop new modules that may enhance the use of Read and Note for their organizations. In some cases, we may have a maintenance contract.
  • We can host Read and Note for you. There are also those clients who want us to host Read and Note on our servers for them, and provide all the technical support, and we provide a hosted version as well..

What support do we provide?

Read and Note provides consulting and technical support at several points in your implementation process. We can

  • Conduct an assessment of your operations and work with you to determine Read and Note’s value add to your workflow and activities
  • Conduct basic user training and provide guidance materials for your user population
  • Train advance users in the collaboration tool for establishing secure groups to share their annotations and comments
  • Provide technical support to the overall systems manager in selecting modules for implementation and in the development of other modules tailored to your organization
  • Provide on-going technical support for systems maintenance and for further enhancements to Read and Note

How do we price Read and note for our customers?

Read and Note’s pricing structure is based upon providing licenses with initial technical support. On-going technical support is established on a case by case basis.