READ AND NOTE™ is an innovative AI, Machine Learning powered platform that changes the way digital content is presented and distributed. Users can access their content on any device, anywhere. And, it's packed with features that enhance the online experience and keep your content secure.
      Read and Note is your comprehensive solution for an expansive network of secure storage capability, providing a way to seamlessly integrate your material, data, and communications into an interactive network of cloud-based content.
      Our technologies are developed with the ultimate user-friendly experience in mind, and our services will provide your user community with AI, Machine Learning powered, secure data access.
      Today, it is essential for companies to adapt and grow along with the need for new and updated technology. Connection among team members, educational communities, and research-based networks is more important than ever before, and the most advanced technology solutions are necessary to adapt to the needs of an increasingly remote workforce.
  • The READ AND NOTE™ platform is easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure and easily customized or extended for your unique business needs. In short, potential applications for READ AND NOTE™ are limited only by your imagination.