READ AND NOTE™ is an innovative platform that changes the way digital content is presented and distributed. Users can access their content on any device, anywhere. And, it's packed with features that enhance the reading experience and keep your content secure.
  • Read in full color − READ AND NOTE™ keeps images, page numbers, and native format intact.
  • Read in depth − Robust collaboration and annotation features let users extract, retrieve, and label published text and images as notes. Users can couple these notes with comments, audio and video clips, and even WebPages. Users can even record new audio and video clips on the spot!
  • Share with friends − With links to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, users can read and learn together by sharing notes.
Find out what your users want − Track user annotations and analyze the community value of content, so you can create and distribute targeted content or advertising. The READ AND NOTE™ platform is easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure and easily customized or extended for your unique business needs. In short, potential applications for READ AND NOTE™ are limited only by your imagination.