How do we price Read and Note for our customers?

Read and Note's pricing structure is based upon providing customers a platform license. It is available as a hosted or in-house solution.

With its agile modular structure, Read and Note provides different opportunities.

  • Essentials Version - Individuals can use Read and Note as their e-reader with its full extraction and annotation capability. With this version, the users can add text, annotations to their extractions, organize them for easy retrieval, and individuals can build their personal libraries for easy reference and use... and much more.

  • Foundation Version - In addition to all the e-reading capabilities in the Essentials versions, more advanced users can take advantage of Read and Note's synced versions with the iPad lite version as well. In addition with this version, the users can add video, audio, and other types of annotations to their extractions, organize them for easy retrieval, and share them with friends or colleagues.

  • Advanced Version - Includes additional functionality like the collaboration tools and secure work groups, allowing the group leader to control level of access to content and specific functionality available to group members. The Advanced Version also has robust iPad and tablet capabilities and presentation systems. This is all coupled with a full, easy to use administration system to allow a non-technical administrator to control access and functionality for different users at different times.

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