Review the above Demonstration of how Read and Note works for the IMF and a more advanced version can work for The Citizens Climate Engagement Network .


The CCEN wants to use the Read and Note  system that allows for always-active worldwide comment on the latest draft text and relevant documents, reports, and other resources, in support of successful, rapid and ambitious implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement. This will serve as a centerpiece for a globally networked convening of citizens, stockholders, and policy-makers, during COP22.


Some of the key features:

  • Personalized ongoing discussion threads, inside the electronic document
  • Recently commented threads floating to the top
  • "Post-it" style annotations in the margins of the electronic text (with hover preview capability if possible)
  • Capability to link other documents and excerpt video as comments in the text
  • Capability to replace an existing document with a new version, tracking and carrying over past annotations and discussions
  • Hosting live video conferences INSIDE the document itself (preferably as many as bandwidth from everywhere allows)
  • Ease of use on touchscreen smart phones and tablets

Our target audience is varied:

  • We want NGO advocates to see and understand the value of this.
  • We want the COP22 Presidency (the Moroccan Foreign Ministry) to see and understand the value of this.
  • We want to use this demonstration to show that ACE (Action for Climate Empowerment) can be robust, ongoing, local and global, with anyone, anywhere, getting involved.
  • We want to show governments, the UNFCCC Secretariat, and negotiators, that even the most robust and expansive global use of this technology will not impede effective negotiations.
  • On the contrary, we want to show that this technology allows for an unprecedented level of coordinating, information-sharing, mutual education, and progress.
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